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The TO8 Predictive Calendar

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What is the purpose of the TO8 predictions?

They are a way of showing how the principles of the TO8 can be worked out in day-to-day decision-making.

These predictions are brief notes of the most prominant of these interactions for each sign as we go through the year.

If you know the types of those friends around you, or your bosses, you can begin to predict the kinds of reactions you will see in them during the periods of the calendar.

The predictions are for each month and the basic period examined within the month for each sign is between five and six days.

Even though your personality was developed during birth, the circadian rhythms still act upon the brain as you go through life. Each personality harmonises with these cycles in a greater or lesser degree according to their type.

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About the author



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About the TO8

World Shattering Ideas

The TO8 is a world shattering idea.

Sounds unlikely?

But consider; being able to make the best relationships of your choice is not just the excuse for an article in Cosmopolitan, it is a political act.

Such an idea is, in the best possible sense, anti-religion and anti-ethnic. Culturally prescribed relationships need a great deal of persuasion and energy to maintain. Humans evolved for the greater part of their history without such cultural forces and yet still survived under intense environmental pressures. 

Without love and loyalty it is doubtful whether parents and families could bear up under such stress during the lifetimes of individuals.

This is the reason why forming the parental bond cannot just be a cultural artefact. Nor can it be about just chemicals since the presence of all those 'love' chemicals in the body is generally brief and cannot be maintained during times of absence of one partner or the other. 

If it were all down to genetic dispositions then patterns of relationships would be easily traced in our lineage, which they are not.

Besides survival is about faith in the intentions of others. It is about more 'knowledge' than genetic traits on their own can evoke. So what, then, could be modulating our relationship behaviour?

The TO8 is an answer to this puzzle.

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Astrology for Grown-ups

Essential Personalities, and why humans found Love, adapted to monogamy and became better parents

Gravity Publishing, 1 June 2009
ISBN-13 978-0-9544831-4-2 trade paper 400 pages with drawings

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Andrew Kennedy's long-awaited new book demolishes popular beliefs about human mating strategies. We have to remember that we are all designed to be parents, and that parenting success over the last 50,000 years hinged on a new innate system of making relationships.

With intense conversations with two women his life this author tries to nail down a form of personality typing that marries human evolution with a new form of astrology. Ends with descriptions of all the personality types he believes can be identified, and how to find out what type a person is. More important than all the science, the author writes convincingly about the hows and whys of making relationships and how you can find your best partner (it's not what you think). For anyone wanting some kind of clue as to who is going to be good for them and why, then read this understandable but fairly high-brow on the philosophy book. You may find yourself looking at your dates in a different way, and thinking some strange thoughts about what human society is all about. Men are not from Mars, nor women from Venus, they both come from the same planet, Earth, and they are a lot more similar than the rumours have it.

With the systematic production of personalty types, humans are better enabled to seek and make successful relationships beyond the family and outside the group. Strangers become not only comprehensible but attractive, explaining at a stroke why tribes and societies always slowly change and evolve.

'They are,'  the author says, 'the proof of what I am talking about.  If they don't make sense, then my arguments fail.'

Gravity Publishing's editor says, ' Not only does the reader get entertaining and interesting science, but the readers are introduced to a full-blown method of understanding themselves and the people they know.  It's a tremendous piece of work and we are really happy to finally bring it to the bookshops.'

tel: 07092119084


Author bio:

Andrew Kennedy was born and educated in England, graduating from Edinburgh University with a B.Sc. He is married with a daughter and shares his time between a farm in the Pyrenees and Andalusia. He has worked in a variety of occupations and has travelled widely. He devised the personality theory he calls the TO8 in the 1980s. He holds a patent in a switching device, created the Taoism-inspired 3-D board game, The Game of Rat and Dragon and has published two books about Taoism, The Jade Suit, an epic poem about Chinese history, and Briefing Leaders, which contained new translations of two Chinese classics, I Ching and Tao Tê Ching in which he incorporates the philosophy into a fictional account of Lao Tze's last days. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and graduated from the European School of Shiatsu as a practitioner. He writes regularly about science, complementary medicine and the human psyche.

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