2 - 6 February
Changing from major 8 to Major 1 on the 26 February
Ones Ones
26 February - 12 April
You are going to have the sensation of being under threat and where the open spaces seem to lack contact with what you know. If you are on a journey already, then, for an explorer like you, this comes as a surprise and may undermine your basic trust in a consistent world. So keep alert, someone you always thought you knew may have a viscious side to them. But that's all right, you can jumpt to either side.
Twos Twos
12 April - 29 May
If it is the season, a home barbeque might go down a treat. Meet outside in any event. If you've got a message then give it plenty of space on the page. You wouldn't mind if spring cleaning came early, you'd like to have a clear out, cut down the wardrobe to the essentials, clear the bookcases of everything that isn't you.
Threes Threes
29 May - 14 July
You are going to feel soft on discipline. You would rather let those in your charge make their own mistakes than interfere in the wrong direction. This makes you strong in the eyes of those already free, but for the others who need guidelinesyou will seem to be indifferent. You have a faith that is impractical. A rut or a train track has its uses.
Fours Fours
14 July - 30 August
All that freedom from obligation, all that space and time you can call your own, all that definite opinion, looks wonderful from where you are. But you have to remember that it's only when you can handle every problem will you be actually free. Otherwise it's just a role you are playing. Don't bet on what you just decide should be the case, calculate the odds.
Fives Fives
30 August - 15 October
Everything comes to you in the end, so while others might be spatting like children, stay out of the way, you'll be needed later when everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Don't go for that far off the estate, you'd be better off adding value to what you already own. If you really need to build, check out the hard ground. The youngest is in a real mood.
Sixes Sixes
15 October - 28 November
Complaining is going out of style. Who should listen to you anyway. It's not as if you are connecting here. Everyone dislikes the caste system and you may be pre-judging a true individual. Add your voice instead to combat those who won't listen and would rather damn themselves than change their minds about what they are doing. These are the real hard nuts to crack, but they must be cracked because they are taking everyone with them.
Sevens Sevens
28 November - 12 January
As long as you keep on steady as she goes, the various conflicts that crop up over the mission statement will fall away. If you start to throw your weight around in a random fashion the only one who's going to get hurt is you. So there's some ill feeling about the project. Never mind it's only young managers flexing their muscles. They don't really mean it.
Eights Eights
12 January - 26 February
You should be feeling good this week, you are escaping the clutches of illness and ill feeling. This is when you can shine in a controlled but passionate way, and dominate the scene with plans and good inventions. There's a certain element of real world formalities to intrude upon your happiness, but that's to be expected. You can easily rise above all the small captains as long as you remember the gifts.

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