18 - 23 February

Ones Ones
26 February - 12 April
Well, your plan is just not sorted out. You don't have a clear idea of the objectives, so go over it one more time. You can see the problem points of course, but wishing them to go away won't make them vanish. Re-casting the plan on a fresh piece of paper will help you to get things in perspective. There's someone you have always ignored who turns out to have many of the answers
Twos Twos
12 April - 29 May
You can pretend not to have any idea about what to do with the collective funds, but you might be called upon to make a proposal. You'd rather take the simple interest. But if it's a matter of opening a new bank account make sure you look at all the offers closely. This is not the time to ignore the fine print.
Threes Threes
29 May - 14 July
Your mental strength is at a peak, so don't go off on a limb right now. Stay with the plan. Complacency and retlessness are going to be the targets of your philosophy. You are going to want to strike off home habits and social graces from your list of things to accomodate. You could start off again anywhere, since neither neighbours nor adventurers appeal to your sense of logic. Forget the road movie and the barbecue put yourself into your art.
Fours Fours
14 July - 30 August
You can see very clearly how some people manage to get noticed. A successful career needs a successful identity. But just what is your skill? Now is the time to focus. Forget who you are and act the part you need. Make use of every angle you used successfully in the past and present yourself for inspection. Don't plead, and don't cajole. Hold your tongue and wait to be recognised.
Fives Fives
30 August - 15 October
You are in thrall to those who seem to have all the answers. Impressive and solid argument will undermine your sense of community. You may regret taking up the role you have done because some door might shut in your face and you'll be on the wrong side without permission. Your competitive spirit finds all the affection has gone out of the contest and there's no one around who's accepts what you think you are.
Sixes Sixes
15 October - 28 November
Say your bit and to hell with the consequences. At least that's what you feel like doing. But can you get away with it and not lose your fans? You can pretend it's an act but few will believe you want to keep the same company you had. It just may be that the ranks are going to step back together and leave you open as the one volunteer for a difficult mission. This may take some explaining. Or you could always run.
Sevens Sevens
28 November - 12 January
It all may seem gloomy to you. There are few opportunities on the horizon and little chance of making headway, but don't be lazy about what you have to right now. If you want to make an impression then make lists and tick things off as visibly as you can. You are always attracted to the mysterious subtext of human relations. Now, make everything you do a profound commentary on the current state of things. You will be closely watched.
Eights Eights
12 January - 26 February
It's your week all right. The strategy is now in action, but don't let fear hold you back. There are always unknowns, you can't think of everything. You can, however, reckon that the week will remain stable enough to get even the most risky business done without too much difficulties. The only thing that might mar the time is your lack of energy. Keep out of the madden crowd and you will not go astray.

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