10 - 15 January
changing Majors 7 to 8 on 13 January
Ones Ones
26 February - 12 April
Well this is a helpful time for you. If you are hesitating over a decision now's the time to act. Take the most uncertain option. It will lead to growth in the end. By the time the 13 comes, however, the momentum will be gone, and the sense of walking alone or making a fresh start will start to feel rather less good. Your integrity will be called into question. You might be accused of failing in your duty. Tough one to shrug off.
Twos Twos
12 April - 29 May
Things still aren't right for the move you are waiting for. Others seem to be taking their chances and getting good results, but you don't see that as happening to you. If anything, you feel undermined by all that energy. Then comes the 13 when you find a past challenge has come into your mind again. It has its positive side and a chance to re-consider and re-work an idea.
Threes Threes
29 May - 14 July
In fact you see the days' labours as working to your benefit. You find complements everywhere, even when the motive force was not yours to begin with. You get attributed with authorship in spite of you trying to spread the benefits around to others. There's a dark side, of course, when blame gets shunted around. Time to unload on your most promising protégé. There's a relationship there but difficulties arrive after the 13.
Fours Fours
14 July - 30 August
Forces of nature is a well worn phrase, but it may apply in this case. But remember the body and mind are one and all exhaustion takes its toll. Even so, don't get cold or let your projects cool off, because the cycle begins again and each time you know more and can see further. A new passion would have great effects on your spirit, but you will be doubted after the 13, so step away from distractions and keep close to the fire.
Fives Fives
30 August - 15 October
Tables are turning, so watch out. You are vulnerable to someone to turn up at your side and flip you over. How you would love to be taken in hand and shown the city. The romance of being there turns even ruins into a magical experience when you are with the true leaders. You can walk on stepping stones above the abyss, but after the 13 the coach becomes a pumpkin again.
Sixes Sixes
15 October - 28 November
You can see a brief window - it's always too brief - before the volcano erupts. But never mind, you get carried on to the hard ground after the 13 and can walk on firm ground. Still the actual path is hard to see. is it your eyesight, or just the ground fog? Surely you didn't have this idea when you started out? Where is the referee?
Sevens Sevens
28 November - 12 January
It doesn't matter what you do or where you start, events will bring you to the right spot, as long as you let them - as you usually do. After the 13 your smarts are going to show and will be immediately captured and made use of by those who, deep down, don't like your waywardness or your relativism.
Eights Eights
12 January - 26 February
Well, you've been waiting all this time for the ground to thaw but the nurturing you crave is still missing. You are growing for sure but are the resources going to run out? Will you be confined to a shelter that does not have prospects for development? It's been a hard winter you would rather have walked on the other side.

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