Prince William and Kate Middleton

b. 21 June 1982
TO8 Day 19 3:3

b.9 January 1982
TO8 Day 54 7:6


To a great extent the couple are compatible with each other. The prince's Major and Minor are on the opposite pole to Kate's Major 7. Together they incorporate the best of social and intellectual energies, and as long as they are aware of the trends that shape their decision making, they can make the most of their relationship. The prince, however, veers to maintaining and energising the status quo and will spend a lot of time listening to opinions that he does not trust and in taking advice that he does not heed, and in veering away from innovative action at the last minute. Kate, on the other hand, will tend towards the opposite behaviour: taking wayward advice and opinion to be the important truth, trying to take advantage of unpredictable opportunities, and generally interferring with the normal and standard decision-making processes.

William has a doubled 3 which gives him a secretive inclination where he will not like to give out his thoughts on his choices. He is keen to have others do the work of talking issues out, even to the extent of assisting them in their explorations of the matter, but he is unlikely to commit himself to his own beliefs unless he has heard all the varieties of opinion. He will enjoy parties, likes to be in the centre of them and be keen to make them go well when he is the host. He likes to see others getting together through him, and in later life he will be very keen on the placing of honours and rewards on those who know clearly how obligated they are to him. He will want to court the press as long as they remain subserviant to him. If the media were ever to take against him, he would be quiet but merciless in his attempts to undermine it. Kate, on the other hand, with her internal conflict of her Minor 6, will enjoy the parties and the attention but shy away from the criticism without confronting it. She has a larger humanitarian dimension to her than William, who likes to play everything close to home, but may not be able to relate to people as readily as William. Even though she is a great learner, what makes people tick will be elusive knowledge and while she will be generous and accepting of people as they are, she is likely to be tricked by them, and especially by those who flatter her. Even though she is likely to be more on the modern ball than William, she could get deeply into arcane knowledge and, in the general atmosphere of frippery of the court, to delight in and follow strange pathways that will only irritate William.

In the short run thay are likely to be good companions to each other and to be able to store up the mental resources between them to cope with their difficult role in the modern world. As long as they do not lapse into sensual indulgence, do not choose advisors for the social standing rather than intellectual gifts, amd consciously maintain contact with all levels of society in spite of the clamour for their attention that the seekers after royal approval will be making, they should do well together.

ank Jan 2007

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